Bolin Creek Unpaved: Saving Carrboro’s Last Forest premiered at the Carrboro Arts Center to 290 people, nearly selling out the theatre in Carrboro, NC on Sunday January 15th, 2017.  On November 18th, the film won an award for “Excellence in Filmmaking” at the Carrboro Film Festival.

The film was created by Charlie Morris, a documentary filmmaker and a Carrboro local. He runs thevideoslab.com.

Bolin Creek Unpaved explores the diversity & beauty of Carrboro’s last intact riparian forest and the controversy surrounding its conservation.  It’s a story about our town, but it’s also a story about every town facing the issue of development versus conservation…the importance of having wild places next to where we live and how that adds to our quality of life more than “more pavement” ever can.

The movie was made with a budget of ZERO dollars and with the effort of numerous local volunteer organizations.

Interviewed for the film are leaders in The Nature Conservancy, the President of the Friends of Bolin Creek, an Urban Stream Ecologist, a photographer/birder/naturalist, a member of the Carrboro Board of Alderman…making this a film a valuable tool for school classrooms and university courses exploring the impacts of pavement on watersheds and ecosystems.